The Basics of Keno Casino Game That Every Player Should Know

The Keno casino game is a fun activity for those who are looking to play a simple game of chance. It’s easy to learn and can be played by people of all ages. This article will cover the basics of the Keno game so that you can enjoy it more fully, whether you’re at an online casino or at your local establishment!


Basics of the Keno game:

  1. Keno is a game of chance played with slips or cards marked in squares. There are 80 numbers on the board.
  1. Players select their own set of numbers from one to seventy that they want to mark off when those numbers are drawn. Drawings occur every few minutes, and you can win as many times as your selections match the numbers drawn.
  1. Keno is played with a board of eighty numbered squares, each marked with either a number or “Blank”. There are two versions: called “regular” and “Six Spot.” In regular keno, players select 20 numbers from one to 80; in Six Spot, they select six out of twenty for their set.

How do I play?

  • Now that you know the basics of Keno, it’s time to start playing.
  • The first thing you’ll need is your wager amount. This can be in any currency and doesn’t have a minimum or maximum limit.
  • Once this has been chosen, click “Play.” You will then enter into the Keno game, where spaces are marked off for every number from 0-80 with some numbers shaded darker than others – these represent prizes!
  • Shading varies based on how much money each space represents, so make sure to pay attention when choosing which ones to mark off next. To claim your prize (or prizes), just hit. Start playing Keno by clicking on

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