Taking Care of Yourself When Working from Home

2020—a year of viruses, natural disasters, and an unprecedented amount of people now working from home. Humankind is a resilient bunch, but even 2020 has left people feeling run down. Globally, the world has come together in ways that it never has before.


A big shift this year that has been felt by the entire world on a massive scale is a large amount of the workforce now performing their tasks from home. Unless you are considered an “essential worker”, there’s a high chance that your new office is now your living room. How can you best take care of yourself during times like these?


Break Your Day Up as Best You Can


Many people are probably experiencing very different work methods now at home. Motivation can feel like it is dwindling, and it might also feel like you’re navigating work unsupported. If you are now part of a work from home business, find ways to break your day into chunks. Decide on when you will start and finish work, and then work in shifts to help make the load feel more manageable.


Keep Your Lines of Communication Open


One of the hardest things about working from home is the lack of communication you are likely experiencing. Humans are social creatures by nature, and a large aspect of working for a company is the amount of human interaction you get during the day. Continue to communicate where possible:


·        Set times to chat with friends and family throughout the day where you can.

·        Continue to keep your scheduled meetings with co-workers.

·        Consider a “virtual lunch” with a friend for non-related work gossip.

·        Connect with members of your team and continue to ask questions.


If you are in a managerial role, be sure that you help to facilitate these lines of communication. Set up weekly team meetings for all members to touch base, but also organize one-on-one meetings with employees to ensure that they are coping well with the new workload.


What You Eat Can Help Your Mental Health


Staying mentally healthy means staying physically healthy, too. Invest in organic fruits and vegetables whenever possible. Look for foods that are rich in antioxidants—such as spinach, berries, or beans—to help boost your mood levels and clear your body of toxins. Make your own food when possible and try to avoid processed foods as they may make you feel sluggish throughout the day.


Working from home can be overwhelming and exhausting, so be sure to take time for yourself throughout the day. Reach out to a friend, family member, or even a professional if you feel like you need help.

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