Starting a Business? Virtual Office Solutions for Extra Credibility

If you are planning a startup, it can be a struggle to achieve any kind of credibility in the early stages and potential customers expect to see signs of stability, even at the very outset. Good business is all about projecting the right image, which can be difficult when you first enter the business arena, yet there are solutions that come in the form of virtual office solutions.

What is a Virtual Office?

The virtual office sector offers many services that include the following:

  • Registered Business Address – If you would like a prestigious virtual address in Sydney CBD, this can be easily arranged and all your mail can be forwarded to any given address. Your clients would never know that you are actually based elsewhere and for a minimal cost, you have the credibility of a CBD business address.
  • Call Handling – A professional receptionist who is remotely located can answer all incoming calls and forward them to your mobile number. The caller will naturally assume that your receptionist answered the call and put them through to you in your executive office and this is the kind of image you want to project in this very competitive time. The virtual receptionist is fully briefed on the client’s business and all calls are received within 5 seconds and you can’t get any better than that!
  • Mail Forwarding – You might only be expecting the odd package to be sent to your business address, or you might be expecting a deluge, thanks to a mail marketing campaign, whatever your needs, the virtual office provider has you covered.
  • Support Services – If you have a 24/7 support number that one of the employees covers, the virtual office provider can handle the out of office hours calls, sending messages to servicing teams in real time to ensure rapid response when a service call comes in.
  • Special Services – You might be about to launch a nationwide advertising campaign and are expecting a high volume of enquiries via the phone; which the call handling service can cover. You only pay for the time of the cover and you can terminate or put the service on hold with a simple call, along with many other services.

All of this would be a considerable cost you might think, but the provider has many clients and costs are shared, making it very affordable for businesses of all sizes. If you would like to learn more about virtual office services, Google, as always, is your best friend and in no time, you can set up a business address in the right part of town.

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