Dealing With Packaging Waste: Switching To Corrugated Boxes

The retail industry has been facing a lot of flak in recent years of adding to the ‘waste’ problem. In a bid to woo customers into buying a product, brands spend huge amount of money on packaging material, often beyond what’s required. The primarily role of packaging is to safeguard product from damage, but there’s no denying that the product box can be a good marketing tool. Experts recommend brands to find a balance between the objectives. In this post, we are discussing further how the retail sector can do better with packaging.

Find the flaws

Retailers are still not understanding the relevance of using corrugated cardboard boxes and recyclable materials. Most brands still use plain cardboard boxes for shipping, while the actual product is stocked in another box inside that cardboard box. In simpler words, two boxes are being used for selling one product, and it goes without saying that both will end up in waste. Even if you choose to ignore the environmental impact of extra packaging, you cannot deny that this adds to the cost, and eventually, consumers and brands are paying more for packaging. One of the foremost and most effective means of reducing packaging waste is to go for corrugated boxes. Contrary to popular belief, corrugated boxes can be customized and printed as required, so that products don’t need more than a layer of packaging material.

Ordering corrugated boxes

It is possible to design corrugated boxes that don’t break, bend or require extra cushioning. Brands need to find the right manufacturing partner to get the design right. There are companies that specialize in all the aspects of packaging, right from conceptualization, to design, printing and final production, and you can expect to get corrugated boxes that are designed for the product and not the other way around. Of course, not all services are same, so do your homework, find what a vendor can offer, and start with a small order. Many vendors do accept bulk order for corrugated boxes, which can help you save money, and you can use their warehouse services to reduce cost of storage.

The retail & ecommerce industry has to take the step ahead in reducing packaging waste, because it concerns all of us. If every brand switched to recyclable corrugated boxes, we would be saving a huge amount of waste every single day. Check online to find vendors that manufacture corrugated boxes.

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