Alloy steel pipe grades

Alloy steel pipe is a pipe made up of alloy steel. Ordinary carbon steel is vulnerable to high temperature, corrosion and high pressure. To mitigate these issues, alloys are used. Alloys are materials that include elements like chromium and molybdenum in their composition. These are annealed, normalized, tempered or sometimes treated with more than one procedure. This gives the Alloy steel pipe excellent yield strength and corrosion resistance properties.

The alloy material could be formed as seamless so that they have a finish that could be readily used in the industry. These are called the alloy steel seamless pipe and they are very much useful in applications where machining is very difficult or is not appropriate. Alloy steel pipe can be used in industries like water supply, chemical, food processing and in chloride ion rich environments such as sea water desalinization plants. The addition of materials such as chromium and molybdenum make the pipes very much corrosion resistant. These can also be welded well depending on the addition of chromium levels. The chromium carbide precipitation is less due to the low carbon content of the alloys. There could be low alloys which use less than 5% of the alloy elements also. These are used for specific purposes. One of the most used of the alloys is the P11 grade. The price of ASTM A335 P11 is very affordable that people use it in many applications. In occasions where specific properties are needed, some specific elements like sulfur are also added in the alloy.

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