Why Invest in Croatia

Why invest in Croatia? A few good reasons


Why invest in Croatia ? By Igor Starčević

Croatia is an attractive investment destination offering great investment potential:

  • By investing in Croatia you will join 15 000+ international companies which have already recognized the potential of investing in Croatia.
  • Equally important, as the youngest EU member country since 2013, Croatia is also offering access to the European Economic Area, one of the largest markets in the world, providing access to 500+ million potential customers.
  • Large portions of EU Structural Funds (amounting since 2014 to approximately 1 billion EUR per year) are dedicated to the promotion of small and medium entrepreneurship and are equally available to the companies established by foreign investors under the same equal conditions as national ones.
  • Croatia provides attractive investment incentives trough tax, customs and employment incentives. Furthermore, Croatia is offering investment incentives related to education and training costs, for the capital expenses of investment projects as well as incentives for labour intensive investment projects.
  • Compared to the majority of EU countries, Croatia has relatively lower operating costs.
  • Croatia’s excellent geostrategic position in the southeastern Europe – bordered by Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, makes Croatia an ideal gateway for reaching the EU market as well as southeastern Europe markets. Additionally, three major Pan-European corridors pass through Croatia and could be your shortest route between the Western Europe and Asia as well as Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean.
  • Croatia has excellent transport infrastructure, with modern highways, railroad network, 6 seaports and 8 international airports.
  • Croatia offers a pool of highly educated, multilingual and competent workforce.
  • Croatia has 100+ entrepreneurial zones, fully equipped with utility services and complete infrastructure, providing excellent conditions for conducting business activities. Furthermore, local authorities provide additional support for the zone users, such as relief from utility tax, lower payments for municipal services and land prices, etc.
  • Investment climate is pro-business oriented, encourages new investments and ensures stability trough attractive investment incentives, guaranteed repatriation of capital and profits and strong intellectual property framework.
  • Exceptional investment conditions are underpinned with excellent investment support organizations on the national and local levels – Agency for Investments and Competitiveness, The Croatian Chamber of Economy and Croatian Agency for SMEs, Innovations and Investments (HAMAG-BICRO).