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Šarac Bela – manufacturer of exclusive custom made furniture


Com-Šarac Bela d.o.o. is a privately held company based in Herzegovina (Citluk – Medjugorje), that has become over the last few years one of the leading manufacturers of exclusive furniture in the region.

Our narrow specialization is manufacturing of high-quality wooden and metal furniture according to client’s needs. With constantly investment in innovation, technologies and monitoring of global trends in furniture production, we have provided a trust to large number of clients in our country and abroad.

ŠaracBela exlusive designers furniture

We cooperate with many well-known architects and interior designers for years, and according their designs we produce high-quality exclusive furniture. Beside that we also have a lot of experience in furnishing luxury villas, hotels, restaurants and boats.

Our team and vision

Our team is a combination of experts with many years of experience in management and production, and young educated, talented people with their “modern” approach that provide us a “new technological direction” which has to be adapted in each company in today’s modern business. Our future is based on the young forces and our focus is to develop young people that will bring additional advantage for our company on the market.

What are we looking for

We are able to produce various types of furniture for interior and exterior using materials that clients request. Although we are already cooperating with foreign partners through production completely finished furniture as well as the parts of furniture, our main interest is expanding the clients / partners base abroad for a long-term cooperation.

For more information, contact us on portal.business.g2@gmail.com.