Finding Tesla

Rimac Automobili


When the fastest electric supercar in the world comes flying out of the garage

The best known and unrivalled Croatian start-up company is – Rimac Automobiles. Mate Rimac, a young car mechanic and innovator, first conceived his company which manufactures electric cars, in his head and then in his garage when he bravely decided to transform his BMW E30 into an electric race car. He is turning his boyhood dream of the fastest electric car in the world today – only seven years later – in a factory in Sveta Nedjelja, into reality, worshipped around the world.

International magazines such as Forbes and Bloomberg have placed Rimac amongst the most influential people in Europe and the world for his speed machine, Concept One but not for this alone. A complete futuristic vision of travel lies behind his electric car and bicycle but also within his words. Even though he has only sold one electric supercar so far and several Greyp electric bicycles, Rimac is actually selling his life philosophy to the world which goes far beyond the mass production of his two or four wheel vehicles.

Since launching the first totally electric car in the world at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show, which also became the fastest electric car in the world, Rimac stubbornly decided to begin manufacturing in his Homeland and to keep it here. Even though today he admits that it is not at all easy, the fact is that production is continuing and new orders keep coming in from all over the world, with more and more buyers, and Rimac Automobiles regularly employing new workers. The company, led by 27 year old Rimac, is today worth EUR 70 million and global giants such as Apple etc. are often mentioned as its future buyers or partners. He is undoubtedly expecting new six figure investments without which there can be no further development. Although he wants to produce anything that is related to electricity, nobody knows what the future holds and neither does young Rimac, who admits that he brings fun to the transport industry. Nevertheless, the visionary from Samobor reminds us of the Great Croatian mind, Nikola Tesla whose magnificent invention – particularly through Rimac and his associates’ products – is achieving its full potential.

Autor: Antun Krešimir Buterin