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Real Estate  – by Tomislav Gregurić

Real estate market in Croatia is one of the most interesting topics for Croatians living abroad. Those who are considering investment in Croatia are necessarily faced with questions related to business accommodation, land acquisition, property valuation and feasibility study. Those who have inherited properties frequently need advice on property value, legal status, possibilities of maintenance and reconstruction. Those looking at buying a second home property on Adriatic coast are usually interested in market prices, legal framework and tax issues.

Croatian property market follows the general European trends, but various market segments (commercial property, residential property, industrial property, second home) are in different phases of the market cycle. In 2016, most of the markets are still influenced by recession which followed the general economic downturn and the prices are under pressure. The only exception is Adriatic property market where values are slightly increasing year on year.

Croatia has complete set of laws covering land registry, cadastral issues and ownership.  Due to the fact that the land registry is still not fully updated (plus there are some additional potential potholes pertaining to the legal status of a property, such as status of construction and occupancy permit), we would advise that licensed real-estate broker is consulted before doing a transaction. Real-estate brokerage in Croatia is well developed and regulated by special law (see links below). Before the instruction, please make sure that your agent is licensed because only licensed and registered agents have full indemnity insurance and follow the proper legal obligations towards their clients prescribed by Croatian law (see links below).

Please contact us for any additional advice or information on real-estate issues in Croatia.


Useful links

There is no official single government site on the web where all the information about all real estate aspects is centralized, but a number of web sites are addressing this topic from various angles:

Agency for Investments and Competititiveness:

Land registry:

Cadastral Authority:

Ownership Act (2015):

Register of licensed real-estate agents:

Law on Real-Estate Brokerage (2015):

Bureau of Statistics:

Ministry of finance – Tax Directorate:



We provide real estate advisory services for Business G2 platform users. The services include:

AGENCY SERVICES: buying, selling, renting property in Croatia

PROFESSIONAL SERVICES: property valuations, market reports, feasibility studies, development consultancy

TECHNICAL SERVICES: project monitoring, project management, technical due diligence, life costing, legalization of properties

PROPERTY MANAGEMENT: rent collection, property maintenance, property reporting


The list of the frequently asked questions by users of Business G2 platform includes many questions related to real estate, some of the typical topics are:

Property letting

  • I am establishing a company in Croatia, how can I find office space in Zagreb
  • I am starting manufacturing business in Croatia, how do I select the best location
  • Where can I find retail space for rent
  • Is it possible to rent temporary office in Zagreb
  • Where can I rent a meeting room in Zagreb
  • I have surplus space in my office building, can I rent it out on the market

Property Acquisition

  • What is the legal framework of property ownership in Croatia
  • How can foreigners acquire real estate in Croatia
  • How do I research the title of ownership in Croatia
  • How can I make sure that the property I am buying in Croatia is fully legal
  • How can I finance buying property in Croatia
  • How do I register my ownership of property in Croatia
  • Can I buy property in Croatia through my local company
  • What are the taxes for property transactions in Croatia
  • Where can I get market research for my commercial project in Croatia
  • Is it possible to get technical due diligence before acquisition of project in Croatia

Property Disposal

  • I inherited a property, what are my options for disposal of property in Croatia
  • How can I find a licensed real estate agent in Croatia
  • What are standard commissions for real estate agents in Croatia
  • What is the legal framework for real estate agencies in Croatia
  • How do I get energy certificate for my property in Croatia
  • Can I get professional mover service in Croatia

Property Valuation & Feasibility Study

  • Is there a public database with property values in Croatia
  • How can I get a valuation of property in Croatia
  • What is the legal framework for valuations in Croatia
  • How much should I pay for valuation of property in Croatia
  • Where can I get feasibility study for real estate project in Croatia

Property Management

  • I own residential property in Croatia, is it possible to arrange local property manager?
  • How do I arrange maintenance for my property in Croatia

Project Management

  • I live abroad, is it possible to arrange project management and project supervision for reconstruction project in Croatia during my absence
  • How can I double check the cost of construction proposed by local contractors



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