Presentation of Meeting G2.2 Conference Program and Project G2 Launch

g2 team

A gathering entitled Pre-Meeting: Croatians together in Business, during which the G2 Project was launched, was held on 29th June 2016 at the Forum Zagreb Congress Centre.

The Project’s mission is to connect Croatians around the world with Croatians and business opportunities in Croatia via the Internet and personal, practical exchanges of knowledge and information, as well as social networking. The Organiser’s vision is a future full of possibilities and opportunities and dreams of doing business with our Homeland and to create a new era of economic development, growth and productivity in Croatia.

The Project was conceived by Māra and Josip Hrgetić and their inner team includes Aco Momčilović, Don Markušić, Antun Krešimir Buterin, Anamaria Kreković and Lidija Šimrak.

‘Croatians born in Croatia and those born outside of Croatia work on the G2 Project. When we look at our National Football Team, we see that Croatians can work together so why don’t we also achieve this in the business world? We can promote Croatian products, import them and export them around the world through such connections. This is precisely our goal – we would like to help Croatia which has huge potential and rich resources’ said the Director of the Project, Josip Hrgetić, a returnee from Venezuela. Hrgetić added that there already exist in Croatia several offices and government institutions that do a sterling job but that they do not wish to interfere in their work because they are mainly orientated towards the business side of things and to offer support to Croatians abroad in that regard.

The Organisers, organised Meeting G2.1 in October last year – which was the first business gathering of Croatians living in the Homeland and Croatians abroad and which gathered over 200 participants of which 50 came from abroad,  rather, 18 countries around the world from almost every continent. Last April, the Hrgetićs participated in similar Conferences in Washington and Bolivia where they presented the G2 Project to Croatians living there.

This year, the MG2.2 Conference shall be held from 10th to 12th October, again at the Forum Zagreb Congress Centre. ‘Participants at last year’s Conference want a greater number of interesting panel discussions so in this year’s program we have focussed on topics such as innovation, education, branding Croatia, export, successful privatisations and how to succeed in business in Croatia. Naturally, the emphasis will be on numerous examples of good practices’ explained the Program Director, Māra Vītols – Hrgetić.

The G2 Project uses two platforms – offline, which is the Meeting G2 Conference and as of today, online as well, given that we have just gone live with our Business – G2 Portal.

‘We listened closely to the requirements of last year’s participants who proposed various ideas including establishing funds, banks and portals. We ultimately decided that the first step should be to create an internet portal,’ revealed Aco Momčilović. The entire G2 Project team worked on the Portal. In Croatia alone, there now 17 members of the team and the goal is to have at least one representative in each country where Croatians work and live who would be the contact point for connecting with the business community in that country.

‘Our target audience is precisely Croatians abroad so that the language of the Portal will be English, although we will also publish news in Croatian, mainly focussing on the business sector in Croatia and the world’ explained the Editor-in-Chief of the Portal, Tonči Buterin, and in conclusion invited all those interested individuals, innovators and associations in Croatia to make the most of this ‘bridge’ and to foster new employment. ‘With our consulting services, we wish to help all those interested in investing to be able to cope more easily with our political and economic system.’

Ivana Rora of the Croatian Heritage Foundation praised the initiative to create this Portal ‘You are one of our windows to the world which we believe we are also to you’ she said, alluding to the many contacts with Croatians throughout the world which the Croatian Heritage Foundation has now nurtured for decades.

The Organisers invite all those interested to register for the Meeting G2.2 Conference: Croatian Together in Business. More detailed information can be found on our official Conference website at