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Patented Croatian Invention – Roller Wheels


This invention is most commonly used for holding (while at stand – still) and guiding (while moving) sliding gates of various shapes, sizes and purposes, where the maximum quality of guiding and holding in all conditions is needed.

It is used for holding and guiding new metal, wooden, plastic and glass sliding gates and other sliding constructions, as well as a spare part for the existing ones.

It is made in a way that the holding and guiding of sliding gates is:

  • completely safe and unfailing,
  • completely noiseless (so far the only one in the world),
  • permanently precise (without any additional adjusting),
  • almost with no resistance during the whole time of its use,
  • completely and consistantly freezeprof and blockingproof,
  • with a consistant and firm contact of roller wheels with the carrying profile of the sliding gates without any gap between them, even if the carrying profile has some minor uneven spots and minor differences of width (so far the only one in the world),
  • without any damage of the sliding gates carrying profiles and roller wheels no matter what material the carrying profiles are made of,
  • the product almost does not need any maintaining, although its lifetime is practically unlimited.

Because of its unique manufacturing, the revolving parts of the roller wheels are situated on completely protected and permanently oiled bearings with no access of water or anything else (even if under a few meters of water, so in case of flood when the water withdraws, you can carry on using it with no adjustment or replacing of the roller wheels, as if there were no flood).

Roller wheels have been used successfully for 15 years on many sliding gates of various sizes, shapes and purposes, in all posisible conditions, to the full satisfation of the users and me as the inventor and manufacturer. After 15 years of usage, with no maintaining the whells are in the same condition as when they were first installed, and the carrying profiles of the sliding gates are without any damages or marks from the roller wheels (as new).

By starting a mass production and putting this invention on the world market, these wheels are going to successfully replace (and push off the market) many of the current methods of guiding sliding gates and thus make the production easier and cheaper, increase the quality, lengthen its lifetime and almost completely cut off the maintaining costs which will significantly extand the competitiveness and demand for the sliding gates with these wheels. By installing these wheels, together with all the other advantages, the carrying profiles of the sliding gates can not suffer any damages, which significantly decreases the maintaining costs, and there is no more any need for installing the noncorosive metal tracks on the carrying profiles of sliding gates, nor the metal “U” carrying profiles on gates, which also cuts down the price and time of production of the gates.

All this significantly increases the competitiveness of the product on the market.

Inovator and the patent owner: Milenko Badžim, Šibenik / CROATIA
protected by patent EP 1 629 168 B1
Seeking business partners for the joint launch of mass production and distribution of finished products.

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On these photographs you can see the new roller wheels which tightly hold the sliding gate with no space left between the wheels and the sliding gate, and without damage, which is impossible to achieve with any other roller wheels. You can see how firmly they hold a thin priece of paper inserted in-between proving there is no gap between them, as the paper can’t  be pulled out without tearing, or opening the gate.











On these photographs you can see the new roller wheels with carriers (without sliding gates).










Guiding roller wheels made by the inovator Milenko Badžim after 15 years of use on different sliding yard and industrial gates (with no maintaining) are still as new, as well as the carrying profiles of the sliding gates.