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OUTWARD BOUND CROATIA – educational organization


Association Outward Bound Croatia is founded in 2005 by a group of experienced and eminent persons from scientific, business and adventure field with the mission to encourage people to discover and develop their potentials and to create a better world for themselves and others in their surroundings.
Our main purpose and field of working is a positive personal development and we are qualified to perform a corporate courses.

“Dive into yourself”

Our 8 – day program, that is unique because of using outdoor experiential learning method, meaning stepping outside the usual situations and getting into more challenging environment, both physically and mentally.

The program is designed for emerging teams, existing teams or employees with the aim of learning about yourself and diving into your own personal virtues and weaknesses. Aims of the program are: to improve self – confidence and decision making, to become organised, effective and team focused employee, to improve performance and problem – solving skills, to improve communication and team – work skills, to boost creativity and innovation.

Program is consisted of several activities: hiking in nature, navigation with a compass and map, rock climbing and descending, diving, bivouac – overnight stay in nature and polygon with high and low ropes.

Outward Bound instructors, who are directly implementing the training, are experienced and qualified outdoor professionals committed to their participants’ wellbeing through their values, judgement, words and action. Outward Bound staff is trained to identify, assess and approach risk as a learning tool, to be managed but not eliminated, with
the goal of providing the opportunity to gain insights and perspectives into their own and their team’s capabilities that are unavailable anywhere else.

Besides this, training is located on the amazingly beautiful areas of Croatia.

Why to choose Outward Bound Croatia?

We are a member of a world – renowned schools of Outward Bound International. There are more than 50 Outward Bound schools in 33 countries across the globe, each applying the practices and philosophy of Outward Bound to fit their local needs.

Organization of the Outward Bound schools is based on more than 75 years of experience throughout the world and today is setting the highest standards in outdoor education as well as experiential learning.

Only we are using the experiential learning method in Croatia.

We are developing important skills besides academics including self-esteem, selfconfidence, team work, social consciousness, creativity, innovation, communication skills, courage, resilience, persistence, responsibility, adaptability, integrity, compassion.

Our top most priority is safety on the field. Outward Bound instructors have participated at more than 75 educations and trainings across the Europe.

Participate in our training and challenge yourself by stepping outside your comfort zone.

For more information, contact us on portal.business.g2@gmail.com.