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Small technological miracles for simplifying everyday life

MicroBlink, blinkID, PhotoPay, blinkOCR, PhotoMath etc. at first glance sound like a lot of unrelated foreign words and abbreviations but an increasing number of experts in Croatia and 30 countries around the world know full well that very useful and practical things lie behind these strange names. Let’s start from the beginning.

PhotoPay is the Croatian start-up company that in 2014 set off this whole avalanche of start-ups. A few guys from Zagreb, gathered around the founder of Iskon, Damir Sabol, initially put on the market software for a financial application for mobile phones. Their customers were so thrilled with the application that it quickly began to be used by ten of the biggest banks in Croatia. However, new desires and the development of this market, as well as the company itself, did their part. A new company, MicroBlink was soon launched and presented to the world and which brought with it a whole range of new applications and software which were to conquer the global market. The company is based on a whole range of Software Development Kits which can integrate various possibilities in different applications – text recognition, scanning barcodes, scanning documents, internet banking etc. In short, it is everything that we need today to simply everyday life in the information age of the 21st century.

In 2015, they came up with the smart, practical application PhotoMath which mathematically solves problems with the help of a camera and smart phone. The application blinkID for recognising and scanning identification documents which works on almost all mobile phones is so reliable that is will probably be used at the upcoming US Presidential election. It scans documents in real time and within a few seconds verifies the information scanned. The guarantee of its quality lies in the original MicroBlink patented technology which today is being used by Nissan, Ericsson, Fly Dubai etc.

MicroBlink is still completely in local ownership because the owners are using government subsidies and assistance from the government agency, HAMAG-BICRO. However, for their further development, they are counting on a new capital injection because their foreign customers, from telecommunications companies and banks to systems integrators and other start-ups, are continually expanding their wish lists. Technology and Croatian experts are here to fulfil their wishes.

Autor:  Antun Krešimir Buterin