Josip Hrgetić

Josip Hrgetic 5630

Born in Caracas Venezuela, of Croatian   parents. He was always linked with the Croatian community in Venezuela.

President of  Croatian Youth (1983-1990) and Vice President of Croatian Club (2001-2004) in Venezuela.

He attended the first World Congress of Croatian Youth in Exile (Paris 1985) and also the second one (Toronto 1987).

Organized political lobby for Croatia in Venezuela. As a result of this work, Venezuelan Congress was  the first one in the world to recognize the independence of Croatia.

Representative of Croatian World Congress for Venezuela  (2006) and for South America (2014-present)

Graduated  in Business Management at the Faculty of Economics, Universidad Santa Maria in 1986He worked in the fields of construction and real estate for 10 years.

Founded the first meeting center in Caracas, FORUM Zagreb (1996) with more than 33,000 events in 20 years.

Founded another family business in Croatia, FORUM Zagreb Congress Center (2012).

Married in 1987. Wife Mara Vitols, children Petar (25), Anna Mara (23) and Kristian (20).