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Croatian PE and VC funds


Investing in Croatian PE and VC funds – by Krešimir Profaca

Although Croatian financial system is largely bank-based, Croatia has developed regulatory framework that enables development of venture capital and private equity funds.

PE and VC funds are regulated by independent government agency HANFA –

The list of all of active alternative (PE and VC) funds can be seen on HANFA’s web page:

The list of AIF (Alternative Investment Fund) management companies can be found here:

And currently there are 13 registered such companies, some of which are independent and other which are owned by large banks or government.

The legal framework is set by Alternative Investment Fund Act, which follows EU directives 2011/61/EU and 2013/14/EU.

Another good source on PE and VC funds and market in Croatia is HVCA (Croatian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association:


Besides PE and VC funds, there are other open funds with public offerings in Croatia that are managed either by large banks and invest both in Croatian as well as other international securities, bonds, or other instruments.

They and their management companies are also listed on HANFA’a web pages:


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