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GUARDIAN OF MEMORIES, grave tending services

elizabeta planinic

GUARDIAN OF MEMORIES, grave tending services

guardian of memories



Guardian of Memories is an unique grave tending service that covers Croatia.

We were the first company registered in Croatia to offer such service. Our key customers are the ones who:

  • do not live in their home towns/countries
  • do not have time to tend graves
  • are not able to tend graves (due to illness etc)
  • have emotional and real need to tend graves of the loved ones

Our product/service

We offer packages for grave tending services. Each package includes:

  • cleaning
  • decorating graves with flowers
  • lighting a candle
  • sending a detailed report and pictures of delivered service

We offer monthly tending, for special dates (Easter, Christmas, birthday etc)

Who delivers the service?

We have associates, “Memory savers”, who are in need of job and are educated to deliver the service according to our high standards.


Almost each adult needs this service, in accordance with (local) tradition and customs.


In Croatia we were the first registered company for grave tending services, competition came up very quickly, but we are the leading company, setting up trends on the market, and putting a large effort in education our clients.

Outside Croatia, according to our research, there are few local flower shops that offer similar service (England for example)


  • Home based business
  • No stock needed
  • Socially responsible business (suitable for veterans, women, disabled)
  • Flexibility in type of service (customizing according to tradion)

Plans how to expand

Franchise model that can be modified for each market according tradition and customs. Ideally in USA, Canada, Latin America and Western Europe in the next 5 years.


It’s a home based business and until a client places an order, there are no costs. After the client places an order, we take care of the flowers, candles and hire associates for this job.

Investments are required in marketing, PR, investing in software, printing materials etc.

Croatia case in last 4 years

Challenged to combine multiple service, we place this service to potential customers, develop business model according to client’s needs and our experience. Each year we have 40% growth both in finance and new customers.  Our intention is to have more monthly tending, and we do, but 60% of total orders take place in October (November 1st is Religious/Catholic holiday for those who passed away). All of them remain our customers and we build relationship with them.

We personally try to get to know each customer, if possible we meet, but if not (if they live abroad) we stay in touch via phone or e-mail, and speak about our loved ones in very caring way. We pay attention to details.


For more information, contact us on portal.business.g2@gmail.com.