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Agricultural revolution led by milk cows

There is a well-known saying that one should not cry over spilt milk. Accordingly, a group of young Slavonians led by Matija Kopić, decided in 2011 to help his but also many other farming families with better quality management of their dairy farms. Therefore, instead of shedding tears, they let their imaginations run wild.

Farmeron was soon born – a high quality web application intended for all the farmers of the world but also for us, billions of ordinary people, who drink milk daily. It involves a whole set of various web tools which help each farmer easily follow absolutely everything that is happening on his/her farm including numerous indicators for every one of his/her animals (food, health, reproduction, medicines, milk production etc.), all with the aim of ensuring that the cows are well fed, satisfied and happy so that they can produce healthy and more wholesome milk. It is a sort of agricultural revolution based on a unique holistic approach to managing dairy farms.

In a world of poverty and hunger, the inventors of such a concept can quickly become successful entrepreneurs. This is exactly what happened with young Kopić of Donji Miholjevac. The idea quickly gained admirers amongst who were serious international business people who gave him their own money for the further development of the system and business. With the help of Farmeron, several million cows are fed throughout the world who daily ‘transfer their data’ into the cloud. Farmeron is experiencing success on a global scale – they already serve 10% of the largest dairy farms in the US and they have recently been eyeing the Chinese and South American markets. Farmers are rubbing their hands together – confirming that their productivity in milk production increased by 25% in a matter of weeks, thanks to Farmeron. In a country with high unemployment, there is plenty of work as they continue to employ young IT experts in Croatia who actually work like modern day farmers.

Farmeron has a motto whose intention is to warn people of the dangers of hunger: ‘Together with our large producers we can more efficiently feed our growing population. We are the managers of dairy farms of the future – which are already available today.’

Autor: A. K. Buterin