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EXCLUSIVE REVOLUTIONARY INNOVATION – undershirt with a system for thermal and magnetic protection of the spine


CROATIAN INNOVATION! Practical solution for neck, shoulder and back pain, for headaches and poor circulation.


The Spinevital System retains and reflects body heat back into the skin, and through the skin into the connective tissue and spine bones.

The result is an increase of the temperature on the skin and in bone and connective tissues by 2oC to 5oC, which enhances the capillary blood flow, tissue nutrition and lymphatic flow in the spine.

The Spinevital System simultaneously performs the thermal and magnetic spine therapy, which makes it unique on the global market.

The Spinevital System is the winner of the Golden Award at the International Exhibition of Innovations “ARCA 2010”. The testing conducted at the Institute for Testing of Quality in Zagreb confirmed that it raises the temperature of the spine by 2oC to 5oC, and in that way, in combination with the magnetic effect, significantly reduces or eliminates the pain, and enhances the functionality of the spine and all other systems in the body.

















  • The Spinevital undershirt is an exceptionally practical protector of health. The Spinevital pad and magnet system is implanted in a quality undershirt produced by Croatian underwear company Galeb d.d.; it works by increasing the temperature of the spine to its operating temperature and enhances the circulation and energy flow in the spine and rest of the body.
  • Spinevital undershirt can be worn 24 hours a day without time limitations. People in severe pain are recommended to wear the undershirt all the time. For minor pain, as a prevention, or when it is not practical to wear it during the day, it can be worn only during the night. The best results can be expected if Spinevital undershirt is worn every day.

Primarius Ladislav Krapac, PhD, specialist rheumatologist at Polyclinic Nado in Zagreb, worked on the development of Spinevital undershirt, of which he says:

Spine is the basic support organ of a human which should be erect. The health of our spine depends on our genetics, then on our profession, then on the way we spent our youth i.e. how we formed or deformed the spine, and in the end on our age due to which our discs degenerate. Throughout our lives, our spine is subjected to a series of adverse conditions such as poor posture or improper sitting, which cause an imbalance and premature aging of the spine. Back pain is the consequence of spinal imbalance. With time, the facet joints wear out, discs shrink, and muscles are no longer as elastic as they were when we were young.

The Spinevital undershirt helps to improve the thermal and energy condition of the spinal area. Muscles, tendons and nerves are extremely sensitive to low temperatures. As soon as we feel cold, our pain threshold lowers and we are more susceptible to pain than when we are warm. The undershirt protects from cooling and puts in order the tendon and energy structures from head to toes. The magnets energetically stabilize the neck, chest and loin area thus reducing pain and musculature tension, improving the structure nutrition (facet joints, muscles and nerves), which in people over 50 years of age is no longer ideal.

The first effects a person feels after starting to wear the undershirt are the reduced tension, facilitated movement and reduced pain. Not an absolute elimination of pain, but a reduction of pain. Those who had a spine surgery fixed only one part of it, but the other parts are energetically weakening and the Spinevital undershirt can help precisely with that; it can warm up and energetically balance the vertebrae and improve their nutrition. As soon as the surgery is finished it is necessary to start wearing the undershirt to balance the spine.

The first experiences of patients of the second and third age are that the Spinevital undershirt helps them with moving and sleeping. Wearing the undershirt during the night facilitates sleeping and protects the back so in the morning the patient’s back is energetically balanced more so than it would be if the patient put lead plates or various antimagnetic or anti-radiation devices under his/her bed.

This undershirt is unique and special because it combines thermal and energetic protection of the spine through constant magnetic field which directs energy flows along the spine, keeping it free of energy storms which result in intensive pain, also known as lumbago, and which is mostly caused by muscle cold. I would recommend this thermomagnetic undershirt to anyone who has passed puberty. Wearing this undershirt is good for young people because it makes them feel better and energetically balanced, while it improves poor circulation for people over 60 years of age. I would recommend those people to wear this undershirt all the time, and even have a spare one to change when they get sweaty. The advantage of this undershirt is that it is made of an elastic material and is quite long, so even when you bend over your back will still be covered with a thermostable material. The Spinevital undershirt is a supplementary medical product which helps with the prevention of back problems and already present back problems.



Ante K. (Split)

My problem was that already after 4-5 hours of sitting I felt back pain. I would also feel back pain after only a couple hours of sleeping. Since I started wearing SPINEVITAL undershirt my health problems completely disappeared.

Jasna S. (Zagreb)

On average once a week I had terrible migraine attacks. This went on for years. Working in a pharmacy which sold SPINEVITAL undershirts, I though why don’t I try that, and in the 4 months that I have worn the undershirt I haven’t had a single migraine attack.

Petar P. (Zagreb)

I have used SPINEVITAL undershirt for a while now because I had gout and back pain due to poor circulation. From the moment I started wearing SPINEVITAL undershirt my health problems diminished, and then completely disappeared.

Anita P. (Zagreb)

I am a young person, a student, and I thought back problems are reserved only for older people, but recently I started to feel a constant back pain. My friend recommended SPINEVITAL undershirt but I just couldn’t believe a shirt can solve back pain. As the pain didn’t subside and painkillers and creams didn’t help, I decided to try the SPINEVITAL undershirt. Already after a few hours I felt a relief and after sleeping in the undershirt I feel no more back pains.

Zvonimir P. (Split)

Every autumn and winter I suffered from back pain. When I heard about SPINEVITAL undershirt I was very sceptical, but I still tried it. Ever since then I don’t take the undershirt off. It changed my life.

Tina S. (Zagreb)

After long-term back, more precisely lumbar problems, I discovered this undershirt which has an instant effect on the pain I was experiencing and couldn’t get rid of. After learning the final diagnosis, which was ankylosing spondylitis, no therapy helped. Regular exercise is always welcome but that feeling of being “broken” after getting up in the morning and sitting for a long time during the day goes away only with this undershirt. Sleeping with this undershirt completely helps to feel better in the morning and it is comfortable to wear in any occasion. For my job I have to stand on my feet so it has become my everyday garment.


  • persons with a pacemaker
  • persons with acute tuberculosis
  • pregnant women
  • persons with bleeding in abdominal cavity
  • Persons with these conditions should advise with their physician before wearing the undershirt.


Can be washed in a washing machine at max. 40oC, not necessary to iron, all parts except pads with the magnets can be ironed.

The thermomagnetic effect of the Spinevital System is unique on the global market. We are proud to have high quality product intented to large majority of humanity. We want to introduce this Croatian invention to people all over the world.

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