Don Markušić

Don Markusic

Don Markušić is an Australian lawyer of Croatian heritage also admitted to practice in England and Wales. He is the first common law qualified lawyer to be admitted to practice in Croatia. His law firm in Zagreb advises on all areas of foreign investment, property and commercial law.

With his combined foreign and local legal qualifications and language skills and having worked on large transactions with multinational consulting firms alongside auditors and tax advisors, he provides unique solutions from both a legal and business perspective.

Prior to establishing his own law firm, Don Markušić developed the legal practice of PricewaterhouseCoopers in Croatia and worked for a prominent international law firms in Vienna and Australia.

Don Markušić is a law reformer, spearheading changes to legislation particularly to the legal framework for foreign investment in order to improve the investment climate in Croatia including the Law on Foreigners and drafting the Law on Factoring.

Don Markušić is Founder and President of the Asia-Pacific Chamber of Commerce, Vice President of Transparency International, former President of the American Chamber of Commerce and Expert Adviser on the Croatian Parliamentary Legislative Committee.