Accounting & Forensic Accounting


Accounting and Forensic Accounting  – Danko Sučević


Engaging a trustworthy outside accountant is a good business decision for small and medium-sized companies. Only the big ones have the means to afford top-level advisors, equip themselves with teams of skilled accountants and communicate with various government agencies. Changes in legislation demand a continuous follow-up and education of the workforce. The total cost of a team of in-house accountants is usually much higher than the cost of the same services provided by Infokorp.

Infokorp also offers some indirect advantages such as contacts with different government agencies in Croatia, notably the Commercial Court, local and regional Offices of commerce, the tax authorities, Ministry of Finance, various inspectorates and the like.

Forensic Accounting

Accounting Forensics is a special area in the accounting practice that investigates illicit activities in business economics and events arising from actual or anticipated disputes. Accounting forensic experts use a combination of accounting, inspective and legal skills to provide professional and credible accounting analyses suitable for the court of law, i.e. it serves as the basis for discussion and ultimately resolving disputes.

The scope of activities of a forensic accountant is wide and can often be related to:

  • Assessment of business / economic damage caused by fraud or breach of contract,
  • Review of financial statements, review of financial evidence and providing suggestions for possible courses of action,
  • Providing assistance in obtaining documentation necessary for acting in accordance with legal regulations,
  • Research insolvency, bankruptcy or company restructuring,
  • Fraud related to securities,
  • Assessing the economic value of financial and other types of assets and (or) obligations


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